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    MastyMaza Auto Index is a reborn of Master AutoIndex.

    A mobile focused autoindex script that allows users to create a mobile download site.

    It has plugin system built-in that will take it to it’s ultimate level.

    ::::::::: Demo ::::::::

    Demo Here

    ::::::::::: Attachment :::::::::::



    •   Image Watermarking(requires GD library)



    • Video Watermarking(requires ffmpeg)


    • Mass Mp3 Tag Editor


    • Upload/Import via URL


    • Mass File Renamer


    • HTML Updates Editor


    • Files Scanning


    • Automatic Mp3 Tag Editor


    • Automated Sitemaps (Full)


    • Full SEO Optimized


    • Almost all files preview


    • Highly customizable with plugins


    • Plugins market with free plugins


    • Highly Secure


    • Upload Thumbnails for every types of file


    *How To Install

    Goto Yoursite.Domain/install.php

    And Give All DB Info,  That’s IT

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